An explosion rocked downtown Nashville on Christmas morning. Though no casualties have been reported, three people are said to have been injured. An RV parked outside the AT&T building 166 2nd Avenue North raised suspicions of officers of the Metro Nashville Police Department who were responding to a call of shots fired in the area.

Though they could not find any evidence of shots being fired, they called the department’s hazardous devices unit to investigate the suspicious RV. The bomb squad was on its way when the RV exploded at 6:30 AM local time.

At a press briefing, Police spokesperson Don Aaron said, “We believe this to be an intentional act. Significant damage has been done to infrastructure on 2nd Avenue North.”

Canine teams were pressed into service to sweep the area for any more explosives. The ATF and the FBI have also joined investigations.

The Nashville Fire Department tweeted this video and some pictures of devastation caused to the area:

CCTV footage revealed that the RV had arrived in the area shortly after 1 AM local time and police are now reaching out to the public for more information.

Three people injured in the explosion were taken to hospital. One officer was said to have suffered temporary hearing loss due to the impact of the explosion.

Governor Bill Lee tweeted his support for the people of Nashville and committed to providing all necessary resources.

Feature Image courtesy: Nashville Fire Department Twitter